BSPS Area 14

British Show Pony Society


BSPS Area 14 covers the south east counties Kent, Sussex and Surrey. When you join the BSPS, you will be added to the area which covers the county you live in. Should you wish to join Area 14 but live outside the area, please state this on your registration form.


Area 14 runs two shows a year. The winter show is on 18th Febuary 2017 and has a full range of BSPS Winter championship qualifiers. The summer show is held on 6th May with BSPS summer, PUK and RIHS qualifiers. Please enter the shows on-line, using Equo Events.


There are also showing clinics - usually February - and the agm in November and the Christmas Party and Points awards in December.


Please do not hesitate to get involved. New initiatives are welcome, as are people to help set up the shows and assist on the day. Phone anyone on the Committee or use the Contact us form.







Seamoor Lady Derby wins at RIHS and BSPS Champs
24th August 2017


In the de la Hey Family Supreme Pony Championship at the RIHS, the title went to the winner of the BSPS Supreme Mini Championship. The lead rein pony Seamoor Lady Derby earned a score of 27 to take the title, having been shown by five-year-old James Burchell and led up by James' father Oliver, who is a show producer based in East Grinstead.





It was the second year that Seamoor Lady Derby had lifted the Mini Championship. She then went on to win at the BSPS Summer Champs.


Judge updates for show on 6th May 2017


Mrs Sue Palmer is unwell and can no longer judge at the show.

James van Praagh will now judge the RIHS SHP classes and Stephanie Fitt for the SSADL classes.


Also BSPS area 14 members in the open classes listed below please wear an armband so you can easily be identified. The champions of the following classes will then go forward to the area 14 championship: BSPS OPEN Championships (RIHS Heritage Open & Mini; RIHS Mini SP; RIHS Open SP; RIHS Open SHP; RIHS Open WHP; BSPS Open WHP; BSPS Mini WHP; RIHS BSPS Pretty Polly; RIHS BSPS Anglo/PB Ridden) .


Christmas party sparkles all around
4th December 2016


Around 60 members from aged four to 84 enjoyed the party and prize giving at Jamie and Charlotte Thompson's wonderful house in Fulking.


There were loads of lovely rosettes given out to 14 section winners and Ella Dalton was the supreme champion and taking away the embroidered rug supplied by the Tack Room, Johns Cross. Stockham Secret Envoy won 186 points in a very successful year on the England team and with second at HOYS and third in the Desert Orchid.


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Area 14 agm - what you missed
15th November 2016


Look what you missed if you did not attend the BSPS area 14 agm on Saturday! Plus there was a thought provoking talk from Roger Stack, retiring show director at the Royal International. Stack, who has been involved with showing for 64 years, was critical of the current situation of several showing societies and said amalgamation was in the interests of showing and its members.



"We do have so many societies. There are several, and now we have TSR as well. We should have one, British Showing. This would then give showing representation on the BEF ," he said.

"The BSPS is progressive, well run and the succession is managed well. BSPS should be there for ponies and for horses we would have BSHA . Breed societies can exist under this. The other societies need to amalgamate in to this structure so costs can be cut. It is utterly ridiculous that there are two coloured horse societies."

In an amalgamation he pointed out that both PoniesUK and Sports Horse Breeding both have reserves that could be usefully used to the benefit members and show organisers. He suggested that a database was developed with horse details and results. This would make entering quicker for members, and entry closing dates could be much nearer the date of the show. Also show secretaries could rapidly check eligibility without having to send lists back to societies to trawl through results.

He said, "Young people need to kick ass and do something about it."

He was also concerned by members using social media to criticise judges. He said there were already procedures in place for people to make complaints. "Judges are giving up their time and need to enjoy the day as well as competitors. Showing society rules on social media must be robust and enforced," he added.

Ride judges, he explained had to be so fit these days, as they may have to ride hundreds of horses in a day. This he asserted was making it difficult to extend the pool to draw from. He wanted to see a return to the system of only riding the "front row". "Competitors have to be realistic and improve so they can get in the front row," he said.

Since he started showing in the 1950s he says transport has made the biggest difference. In those days you hacked or asked the local haulier to take you. In time there were trailers, then basic lorries - but now there are luxury lorries carrying up to a dozen horses. He said, "Producers have become factories were they can turn out so many horses going the same way."




Success for area 14 members at HOYS
12th October 2016


Chloe Chubb after several visits to HOYS records not one but two wins. Plus many more placings for others in the area.


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Area 14 has supreme show pony at BSPS summer championships
1st September 2016


Congratulations to Terry and Janice Baldwin, from near Lewes, owners of the supreme show pony champion LANDEMANN PEONY, ridden by their grand daughter Jessica Soltermann.


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Successful summer show
27th April 2016


Thank you to everyone who, with just one week's notice ran the show at a new location and and new schedule. Well done, and it was a great success. Results now available on results page.



Minutes of agm 12th November 2016



Meeting held at Lingfield Community Centre.



Winter show 2016


13th Feb 2016, Blue Barn near Ashford

Points Championship


Second supreme title for Stockham Secret Envoy
4th December 2016



Ella Dalton's 133 whp Stockham Secret Envoy takes the supreme title for a second year.